Friday, April 20, 2007

Sitings: Apr 20

Despite the fact that most of the wildflowers were mown to the ground, there are still some resilient evening primroses blooming along the edge of the Reach (in the area where the Easter Seals folks left the vegetation taller). This morning, I still saw about 4-5 white-lined hawkmoths (at minimum) flitting around the banks. Whew!

Also ran into a yellow-crowned night heron perched on the mid-reach pipe just above a lurking snapping turtle. It swoooshed away and was later heard squawking from the tips of the branches of large elm tree on the south side by the picnic table. (Note, the photo above is not on the Reach...I only wish I could take such photos!)

Some fish are beginning to create breeding territories in The Bathtub - you can see the territories as circles along the creek bottom that are devoid of debris. The males clear these out, defend them, and await for females to choose their circle to lay eggs (well, that's generally how it goes). I don't know which species of fish this is, but I think it may be a type of sunfish.


DaveW said...

Yesterday, we had 7 intrepid workers at the rescheduled KAB Clean Sweep and collected another 5-7 bags of trash. The creek is now cleaner than I've ever seen it.

Great job everyone!

This morning on our walk, Dolly, Bosco and I saw:

- a turtle in Snapper Cove (smaller than ones I've seen before--must be offspring!)
- a heron having breakfast
- a snake and
- a frog

The snake and frog were chatting about something but we couldn't hear what it was. Maybe they were discussing this blog, or admiring how clean their creek is now.

Lee Clippard said...

I just changed the name of Snapper Cover back to The Bathtub, which Gale brought to my attention. The Bathtub has been the name of that bend in the Reach for over 23 years or more...