About FLWR

Friends and Lovers of Willowbrook Reach (FLWR) is a neighborhood group dedicated to foster the Willowbrook Reach, a greenbelt in the Cherrywood Neighborhood in Austin, Texas. Our overall goal is to enhance and maintain the value of this natural jewel in Austin’s East side.

We carry out the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association's vision for the Willowbrook Reach, which is:

Willowbrook Reach is a public urban green space on the Upper Boggy Creek which, fostered by citizens working together and in partnership with the City of Austin, will be a healthy, ecologically rich environment with a diversity of native plants and animals that coexist in harmony with the people who live around it, view it, traverse it and explore it.

FLWR works to do this through plantings, trash clean-ups and infrastructure projects. One of our goals is to plant more native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, and to support greater wildlife populations. We have installed a Butterfly Garden and planted many trees.

We also serve as a liaison between the neighborhood and the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department, who officially "owns" the greenbelt and this span of the creek (the Upper Boggy Creek).

Some future project ideas include: habitat restoration, educational signs, more garbage cans and dog waste bag dispensers and trail improvements.

If you are interested in joining FLWR, email flwr78722 (at) gmail.com.