Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're Certifiable!

Have you noticed the new sign posted at the Reach? That's our brand spanking new certification by the National Wildlife Federation as an official Wildlife Habitat. Of course, we've known for some time that the Reach has the following qualities that support wildlife: water sources, food sources, places for cover and places to rear young. The Reach is full of it.

Thanks goes out to our neighbor David B. for sponsoring the Reach's certification!

Also, did you know that you can certify your own yard? If you provide all of the necessary requirements to support wildlife, your yard too can become a wildlife habitat. The more habitat we have spread across the neighborhood, the better we'll be able to support our local biodiversity. (It's easier for them to hop from one habitat to another without having to cross deserts of lawn.)

There's even a City of Austin-NWF Neighborhood Habitat Challenge. If Cherrywood can certify the largest number of backyards by November, we get prizes! But more importantly, we help the birds and the bees...