TWPD Plant Information Database
Search for plants in the Blackland Prairie (our original native ecosystem) to find out what grows here. This is a nice resource because it delineates wildlife value and gives associated species at the bottom.

Native Plant Information Network
Find information on all sorts of natives through the Wildflower Center. Many plant entries show which butterflies use the plants.


Snakes of Texas
A herp guide from The University of Texas at Austin.

Central Texas Snakes
This is a great pictoral guide of snakes you might encounter in Central Texas, organized by whether they are solid, striped, banded, blotched or diamond.

City of Austin

Watershed Protection Department
  • Contacts 
    • Maintenance: Roxanne Jackson
    • Wildlife biology: Mateo Scoggins
    • Stream engineering: Mike Kelly and George Walker
Boggy Creek Watershed


Nine Mile Run Watershed Association
This organization ensures the restoration and protection of this watershed in Pittsburgh, PA. They U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed a massive restoration project in parts of the watershed.

Anacostia Watershed Society