Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brainstorms from 5/1/2007 meeting

Here are the brainstorm ideas from our meeting on 5/1/07. In attendance were Priscilla, Lee, Girard, David B (in absentia), Dolly, Dave W., John, Aaron and Gale. Numbers following items indicate independent mentions of the idea (remember, we were all given an open forum to throw out our ideas for the Reach and many of us touched on some of the same things). Items with no number means it was only mentioned once, but that doesn't mean the idea was or wasn't oohed and aahed by the others! I've tried to organize by category, but there is some inevitable crossover.


Plants and Trees
open mown spaces, including for human use like Frisbee and croquet (4)
wildflowers (3)
woodland areas or groves (2)
no mow areas (2)
no mow area from path to creek (2)
planting plan (2)
completely wild
crape myrtles
more trees
trees concentrated along the creek (eg, riparian trees, bald cypress)
tree/plant inventory
adopt-a-tree program
more native plants
more native shrubs and small trees (fruiting and flowering)
removal of invasive species over time
poison ivy control

more wildlife (snakes, birds, amphibians) (4)
butterfly gardens (3)
purple martin propagator (2)
certified monarch butterfly habitat
wildlife habitat certification
bat houses
more pools of water for wildlife

Paths and Hardscape
bridge (5)
wider path (overall or at points) (4)
move path away from creek in sensitive areas (2)
spur trails connecting to street at midpoints
subtle, landscape level lighting at choice points

Creek and Water
deal with drainage problems
small dams to control flow, create pools
better erosion control
native erosion control
prevent water from going under pipes
pipes crossing creek hidden or removed

Human uses
better enforcement of poop pick-up, more poop bag containers (2)
more trash cans and trash pickup
not too many picnic tables
maintain as greenbelt with low impact human uses
picnic tables
creek cleanups
regular maintenance plan
drinking fountain

Art, Education and Other Features
educational signs for trees, wildflowers and animals (3)
bulletin board or kiosk (2)
public art (2)
murals on bridge overpass
acknowledgement of the history of the area (ie, old dairy farm)
recycling dead trees for stuff in the park
community vegetable garden

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