Thursday, June 7, 2007

Like a Bad Crew Cut

Yesterday, 06.05, was mowing day. The johnson grass and poison ivy will recede into the background (for a few weeks anyway).

Watershed and the Easter Seals, bless their hearts, tried to keep some patches of wildflowers un-mown. The effect is something akin to a kid who's given himself a buzz cut and missed a few sad patches of hair. At least one of the wildflower zones has some good diversity. It's large-ish and hiding amongst the indian blanket and mexican hat are some flowering antelope horns (a native milkweed). Some of the others leave a little to be desired. BUT, it's a good start and they tried.

Of course, they also completely destroyed the small oak tree that was planted by Mark and his daughter across from Joe's house, which was very visibly staked with a bright orange stake and waving fluorescent yellow ribbons at the top. How could anyone miss that? Also, the Seals mowed right up to most of the banks, leaving no tall grasses (even if they are invasive) to catch the nasty run-off. It's bad for the creeks to have a bunch of grass floating in them too--too much organic matter.

And, there are some people who are angry that they left any "weeds' (aka wildflowers) at all. It wouldn't surprise me if Watershed got some phone calls from both sides...

But, anyway, it's nice to walk around the reach now without having my pants soaked up to my knees (that would be the waist for some), and it's good that the johnson grass is largely removed. But beware, the ragweed is standing tall, ready and waiting to anoint us with its nasty pollen!

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