Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor Blotchy

People, please, pretty please THINK about it--do some research for heaven's sake--before you kill a snake in the creek!!

This morning, I was walking around the Reach and saw a beautiful blotched water snake hunting for critters in the Bathtub. It's a native, non-poisonous snake that's often confused with water moccasins and cottonmouths. Chances are EXTREMELY LOW that we would ever, ever have a moccasin on the Reach. (That doesn't mean we shouldn't take precautions when encountering a snake, it just means we should THINK before we kill.)

Poor, poor Blotchy the Water Snake. Happily nibbling on our pesty little rats, mice and mega-roaches. Now succumbed to the wanton power of human insecurities, chopped into bits by the (damned) Easter Seals (who meant well, but still).


Priscilla said...

This is so very very sad.
Do we know for sure that he was an Easter Seals victim?

P.S. What a GREAT idea for a grant funded project. Surely there are many potential funders for this kind of initiative.

Lee said...

We do know for sure...but I can understand their fear. Most people are afraid of snakes, but the more they learn, the less they fear (as with ALL things in life).