Friday, July 16, 2010

Wasterwater Relocation: Four Alternative Plans

The City of Austin will be replacing 3 exposed wastewater pipes that cross over the Willowbrook Reach, which runs along Willowbrook and Sycamore streets. Members of the neighborhood met recently with CoA staff to view 4 alternative designs for the wastewater pipe relocation.

Summary of the plans
Each of the four alternatives results in one new wastewater pipe crossing the creek, generally at a very low point. The location of the crossing differs with each alternative. There is an option for a pedestrian bridge that crosses the creek. You should be aware that the bridge cannot be placed inside the 100 year floodplain, and it will require ADA accessible entrance and exit points (at present, this is designed to be cement sidewalks, but CoA staff implies this could be negotiable).

Two of the alternatives call for relocating the wasterwater pipes within the greenbelt itself. The other two alternatives propose relocating the wastewater pipes below the surface of the streets. The costs of the alternatives are largely dependent on whether the relocation occurs within the greenbelt (cheaper) versus within the street (more expensive). Any new manhole covers in the greenbelt will be slightly above grade by a few inches.

By clicking on the links below, you can check out the 4 alternatives. These plans show the relocated wastewater pipes as dark lines, new manhole covers as circles and the old lines as dashed grey.

  • Alternative 1) Pipe relocation within greenbelt with one pipe crossing at southernmost bend in the creek. Requires trenching in greenbelt. Cost: $685,000. View the Alternative 1 plan.
  • Alternative 2) Pipe relocation within the street with pipe crossing at the southernmost bend in the creek. Requires street construction. Cost: $982,000. View the Alternative 2 plan.
  • Alternative 3) Pipe relocation within the greenbelt with pipe crossing upstream off Sycamore Dr. Requires trenching in greenbelt. This alternative has been scoped out with a pedestrian bridge. But a ped bridge could be possible with any alternative. Cost: $627,000. Bridge: $137,000. View the Alternative 3 plan.
  • Alternative 4) Pipe relocation in the street with one pipe crossing at the bottom of the greenbelt near 38.5 Street and Brookview. Requires street construction. Cost: $1,023,000. View the Alternative 4 plan.
Read the full proposal document that outlines the details and pros and cons of each plan.

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK: Click here to take a very short online survey that will help us know your preferred plan.

Don't worry, the survey is totally anonymous. Representatives from the CNA and FLWR will compile these results, and use this information to begin to make a recommendation on our preferred alternative to the City. We meet with the city every second Tuesday of the month (next meeting: August 10, 6:30pm) at Cherrywood Coffeehouse, so please come to those meetings and have your voice heard as well!

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