Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Current Projects at the Reach

There are three big projects that are happening at the Reach that neighbors ought to be aware of:

Habitat Restoration Project Phase I

This project has been in process now for a couple of years. It covers the upper northern and western portion of the greenbelt from around the intersection of Half Penny and Sycamore northwest to where the creek crosses under Cherrywood. We are adopting Watershed Protection’s “Grow Zone” policy, which focuses on not mowing around Austin waterways in order to decrease runoff, improve wildlife habitat and decrease water pollution. In concert with Watershed and other neighbors and community groups, FLWR has planted more than 100 trees and shrubs and seeded the entire Phase I area with native grasses and perennials, such as sideoats grama (the Texas state grass) and antelope horns. There is a temporary watering system installed that has been helping the new plantings get off to a good start. It will be removed when Phase II begins (see below).

Wastewater Line Replacement

This project extends beyond the Reach greenbelt to proximal streets. It is a big project to replace aging wastewater lines involving Public Works, Watershed and Water Utility. There are three places where the wastewater lines cross the creek that are exposed to the elements. These will be removed. Other bank stabilization and tree removal will also occur to accommodate this necessary project. The project will run from Summer 2013 - Spring 2014, and will mess up our streets to be sure. This project will impact the lower south-eastern part of the greenbelt, from about Half Penny southeast to 38.5 street. (In other words, the Phase II area, see below.)

Habitat Restoration Project Phase II

This is the next phase of habitat restoration that will happen in the lower southeast portion of the greenbelt, and will begin after the wastewater line replacement project (see above). We are still in the planning phase for this restoration, but it will look much like Phase I, with tree and shrub plantings, seeding, and temporary irrigation.

Meanwhile, Upstream...

There is a separate bank stabilization project that is being planned on the creek near Wilshire Blvd. Stay tuned for more info.

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