Monday, May 3, 2010


The mulberries are completely off the hook this year. The trees along the banks of the creek are just dripping with ripe berries. Most of the mulberry trees produce deep black berries when ripe, but keep an eye out for the white mulberries whose ripe berries are just a shade pink of white.

I've seen tons of people out there picking berries.

Neighbors: What are you doing with your berries? Leave your response as a comment.

Myself? I made a big ol' mulberry cobbler. YUM.


Alyssa said...

Hey, so glad to read this, I've been wondering if those berries were edible!

Just came by the blog for the first time in response to the call for involvement about the re-design plan. Thanks so much for all your work, Lee!

Francie said...

Ellie and Jake Greene have made Mulberry popsicles, mulberry sorbet, mulberry apple cobbler and mulberry empanadas