Monday, January 3, 2011

birds: We Have an Owl!

The past couple of days, an Eastern Screech Owl has been calling our new owl box home! Check him out:

Look for him poking his head out of the box during the day, and listen for his call at night. It sounds a lot like a horse whinnying. Here's a great recording of their calls.

The box is in a high traffic area, so it's possible the owl might not make this a permanent home and raise a brood with a female, but we can cross our fingers!

Installing more owl boxes around the Reach might be a project to consider in the future. And if you've got the perfect tree, definitely think about installing an owl box at your own home. Here's an article about building and placing nest boxes.

1 comment:

Owlman said...

Awesome. I am thinking about putting up a slot box. Can you give me the measurements for your box?